Recensione in inglese di ‘Sahak’

Ciao a tutti! Oggi sono tornata con una nuova recensione per una ragazza che mi ha contattato per e-mail chiedendomi di recensire e revisionare il suo ultimo scritto. E’ un racconto emozionante dal punto di vista del personaggio, il dente di leone. Le sue avventure e i suoi amici. Le parole riescono a trasmetterti il senso di solitudine e disagio e la necessità di aiutare gli altri del piccolo protagonista.

Vi ricordo che se avete manoscritti potete inoltrarmi epub o il formato cartaceo, basta scrivermi per e-mail.

Title:  Sahak
Author: Sara SalehRelease
Date:  –
Gender:  Stories
Rating: As much as I’ve been able to understand from the translation, I like how it’s arranged. The conversations are very discreet, they are not boring and convey pleasant sensations. The lexicon and spelling is not bad.

Personal thoughts of the book:  I like the story of the friendship between a plant, the dandelion, and its eagle. Two distinctly different figures in the real world, which cannot be intertwined in any way except in this tale. The dandelion in his conversations expresses the feeling he has towards his friend, and despite the fact that the desires of the eagle can cause pain to  sahak, he is glad tosee the happy friend.

The hopes and dreams of the lion’s tooth condemned not to be able to fly and the need that arises in him to be able to help friends in some way are a beautiful theme that is always relevant.

I loved the thought written by the author in the last pages of the story. I was excited by his words and the chills of his feelings were transmitted to me too.

Quotes from the book: “For this short life that lasts only a few days, regret and sadness are not good choices.”

Rating system: ★★★ is an ok read.